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5 Best Web Based Open Source CRM Software

Hubspot, Insightly, SugarCRM, Zoho, CiviCRM. Wondering what all of these developers of software have in common? We’ll tell you! We bet you didn’t know all 5 of these solutions were web-based, open-source customer relationship management platform. We also know you’re wondering why these are our top 5 picks. We’ll also tell you that. Hubspot That’s...Continue reading

Brand Management Solution in International Brand Expansion

The crucial reason for Brand Management Solution is to build and secure your Brand over every one of the channels used to reach and draw in with clients, prospects, and accomplices. Unlike internally-developed processes and systems, Brand Management Solution is a one of a kind class of content management technology fabricated particularly for the difficulties...Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Using Brand Management Solution Will Give You Productivity Boost

There has been sensational development in the Brand Management scene which is changing the way Marketers are purchasing and utilizing software. Brand Management Solution are being manufactured; several integrated software that empower clients to perform, break down and enhance branding activities. Developing a powerful Brand Management Solution requires cautious assessment of programming tools, features and...Continue reading

5 Best Brand Management Solutions in the Market

Brand Management is the way toward setting standard and giving direction to anybody creating branded materials, both internally and externally. Partners here incorporate seller accomplices, printers, or offices going about as brand and marketing extension of your department. Brand Management is a discipline that matters for any individual who speaks about your brand on any...Continue reading

The Best of HRM Software That Actually Work! (Part 1)

Technology has integrated hugely into the business sector for a while now. Businesses are not just using technology to reach and manage clients but also for reaching employees. Needless to say that this has caused an array of HRM softwares in the market. We talk about the best 10 HRM softwares developed as of yet...Continue reading

5 Tips to Use Twitter to be More Aligned with GDPR

The mass community of people discussing GDPR all over social media is astounding and shows how truly real GDPR and its effects will be on people. Twitter recently had people hashtag GDPR and we found the opportunity to discuss how to use social media to help you become GDPR compliant. 1. Look out for Webinars...Continue reading

Top 10 CRM Software You Should Know About in 2018

We went through the most popular software selection platforms, leading authorities on technology buying, and most trusted CRM blogs, to find the CRM systems they had all voted for. We then ran it through a frequency counter. The Top 10 names that emerged are Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Insightly, Bpm’online and...Continue reading

What is CRM and Why You Should Start Using it

The best CRM systems improve profitability and productivity by managing your contacts and sales. CRM software is designed to help you nurture and close your leads faster. It enables you to convert prospects into loyal customers by storing their contact information and the history of interactions between you two. This data can shape all your...Continue reading